Friday, January 18, 2008


Well, I haven't tried to shop at Walgreens for freebies before, but I did this week and IT WORKED! I was totally impressed. I figured they would say, "nope, only one double BOGOs." Not one single comment--just impressed that my 3 bags totalled $5. In 2 trips (I wasn't sure if I could use multiple coupons on the same items if I bought multiples, but I'll do that in the future), I got 4 bottles of Fantastik, 2 Glade sprays, 4 Glade scented oil candles, 2 things of Quaker Oats, 1 thing of Purell (that was on clearance so I got it for 19 cents), and 2 toilet cleaners! I spent $5.51 total! I also got some free Softsoap at Kroger (3 of those in 3 trips). Kroger and Tom Thumb won't double and triple coupons for the same items after the first one when you buy multiples (I called to check). My mom was impressed, but I don't think she's going to join the bandwagon any time soon.
Since this is only my second week to do this, it seems to be pretty time consuming. Thankfully it was semester exam grades at school so I had some time to clip and organize coupons. The blog is another issue. I spent a ton of time on one computer and my husband on another most evenings (after working out of course). This just doesn't work for me. I'm now planning to invest in our relationship instead of in the blog. I will do some type of update once a week or so and do the daily thing this summer. Just wanted to clarify. Happy weekend!

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