Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How is the blog unique?

I read recently that there are a ton of "frugal" blogs out there, but very few of them are unique. I found this article on frugalhacks and it made me think! Anyway, it said:

How is your blog unique?
What is your frugal specialty?
Why does it matter?

Well, I started thinking about this last night and came up with some ideas (including a different name). I thought I'd use Spanish and post some stuff that relates to things I love--travel, Spanish food, being thrifty, etc. The easiest way I could think to do that at this point was to do the thing most people do and come up with a "theme" for each day. Those are listed to the right. I haven't seen any others that have a Spanish focus--I plan to include mini lessons on the language too. The more fun it is for me, the more fun it will be for others, right???

How is my blog unique? It will focus on Spanish and frugal ideas!
What is my frugal specialty? Thrifty travel to Hispanic countries!
Why does it matter? People love to travel and want to learn another language!

I hope you enjoy the changes to come (I plan to start next week)!
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