Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Since I love Spanish...

Usborne has some of their Spanish children's books on 70% clearance. I got one in my last order called "Mascotas." It's a GREAT book and was $2.99. Each page has a little puzzle for the baby to put together and something to "touch" (fuzzy ears, etc.). If you're interested in seeing the Spanish flyer, click here.
You can then order the items at my page here.
There is a ton of research that says teaching your child another language as early as possible will help them acquire it easier. This includes just seeing the words (if you don't know how to correctly pronounce them). Every little bit helps prepare them for future learning (belive me!!).

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I've been...busy?

Hello! Well, things have been crazy and I've been too busy to coupon, CVS, be frugal... We are trying to pack up our house so we can move to another house, I'm trying to finish out the school year and we're enjoying time together before the baby comes! I am really looking forward to the summer though! It will be nice to relax.
My friend Tres Alejandros became an Usborne consultant recently and it sounded like a great deal, so I also joined in! I got a great deal because she was in her incentive period and I got the start-up kit for half price (regularly $199). This is great because I can have a little income when I'm not teaching next year. I also get free books and these are REALLY great children's books! So if you're interested in becoming a consultant, hosting a party near me, or hosting an eShow, let me know!! EShows are easy--you just e-mail people and tell them to buy books from the site and then you get free books for the purchases they make! I just hosted a party and sold $265 worth and got $85 worth of FREE books! What a deal!!
Oh yeah, here is my Usborne page.
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