Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I'm a Spanish teacher and I LOVE SPANISH. I honestly don't know where this love started. I started taking Spanish in high school and had the same Spanish teacher for 2 years. I thought she was so cool I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to be a Spanish teacher!!! I got to go on mission trips to Mexico, study in Spain, teach Spanish in my hometown for 3 years and even live for a year and a half as a missionary in Mexico. All this really gave me great confidence in Spanish. This was vital as NO ONE else in my family speaks Spanish!! I love everything about it--grammar, vocabulary, verb conjugations, sentence structure, culture, FOOD and the people! I love the fact that tener becomes tengo, tienes, tiene, tenemos and tienen. I love verb charts! Maybe it's the organization of the language and the way I learned it that makes me so happy with it! We don't learn English that way. No one tells us to memorize these words, conjugate this verb, put the verb after the noun and so on! I could go on and on!

I also feel this way about coupons. Tonight my mom and future sis-in-law came over for dinner. After dinner, I showed them my new coupon organizer that I made (I'm naming it Clippy). It's like a notebook (with the baseball card sheets) without the notebook. I just put it in a binder size accordian folder because I already had that. It seems to work. Anyway, I took that out and they started asking about CVS. So I showed them how to get CVS to work for you! They were impressed--not that they're going to start doing that because they said even if you get something for free, you have to find somewhere to store it until you use it. (Or give it away, right?) It was pretty fun to organize my coupons (finally) and show off my new system.

Yesterday's deals at Tom Thumb:
$.99 peanut butter minus $1 coupon = free
free dog treats (still no dog--donating them)
free $1.99 cup of fruit
$.40 Hunts tomato paste minus $.35/2 coupon trippled = paid to buy!
Spent $7.45, saved $30.64

Adios! Que tengan un buen dia. Dios te bendiga y te ama.

Romanos 5:8 Dios nos ama. (Romans 5:8 God loves us.)

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Tres Alejandros said...

here are some things to look at:
terri lets you know the 'rock bottom' price each week either through in store specials and/or coupons. you can do a trial of 4 weeks/$1. i think the cost goes up after that. she says that things run in a 12 week cycle. so you stock up with 3 months worth of items each time they go on sale because they wont' be on sale for another 3 months. pretty neat deal. i don't have the patience or the ability to go into ALL the stores (my kid doesn't love the store that much!)
my friend http://mommasmercy.blogspot.com introduced me to the grocery game. she is very frugal as well. she even posted some advice today!
those are the only things i have for you today!

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