Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Birthday Dinner

Today is my husband's birthday. For dinner, he wanted some King Ranch, so this is the recipe I used. It's great!

King Ranch Chicken Casserole

1 can Cream mushroom soup
1 can Cream chicken soup
1 Soup can milk
1 4 oz. Can Ro-Tel
5 oz. Cooked chicken
10 Corn tortillas, cut into fourths
12 oz. Shredded cheddar cheese

Mix together and heat the soups, milk, Ro-Tel and chicken. In a 3 quart buttered casserole dish place layer of tortillas, a layer of soup mixture and a layer of grated cheese. Repeat. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

We had this with some tortilla chips, black beans, and guacamole (avocado mashed with Pace picante sauce). We have some German chocolate cake (his favorite) that I got from Wal-Mart for dessert. Less than $20 for the entire meal.


Out Numbered said...

Hey frugal friend- last night we ate at Chick fil A for $6.41. It was kids night so we bought a combo and got a kids meal free. Plus we had a coupon for a free sandwich so we value sized the combo and shared the fries! Thought you'd be proud.

Kama said...

That's a great deal dude!! I'm totally impressed!!

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