Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I heart Walgreens and CVS!

I think I would make a shirt that says "I heart Walgreens and CVS" and wear it when I'm doing my weekly shopping. Today was no exception. I have never done the 2 transaction thing because I don't want to bother the workers or people in line. Anyway, I headed to CVS first because I was more excited about their sales. (They are right next to each other too! I'm trying a new CVS and like it MUCH BETTER--they take multiple CVS $/$$ coupons.)

1st transaction:
$.99 A&H toothpaste with $1 off coupon ($1.99 with 1 ECB)
$9.99 Breeze 2 meter ($9.99 with 9.99 ECB and $9.99 mail in rebate)
$6.99 Fusion Power Razor with $2 off coupon ($8.99 with 6 ECB)
Total--$0 after 12 ECB,
CVS coupons. Awarded 16.99 ECB
2nd transaction:
$.50 Kashi bars with $2
coupon ($2.50)
$6 (2) Robitussin with $3
coupon (buy $20 worth of this plus Advil, get 10 ECB)
$2 (2) Advil Liqui-gels with $2 on box coupon
$1.29 Clean Dry-max with $2
coupon--I can only find the $1 one now...(3.29 ECB)
Total--$.79 because I didn't want to use my 1ECB. Used 6ECB and CVS coupons. Awarded 13.29 ECB
CURRENLY HAVE 24.29 in ECB!! That's double what I went in with and I only spent $.79 OOP!

3 Kleenex (I forgot to use the $1 coupon in the $Saver, but had 2 others)
2 Nail polish ($.50 each)
Schick Quattro (with free MP3 arm band--$.99 after coupons)
2 Envelopes ($.50 each on sale)
Fructis Shampoo (I forgot to use the $1 coupon I had, but will get the $3.99 rebate)
Total: $10.42
(plus $3.99 rebate here and $9.99 at CVS--I GOT PAID TODAY TO SHOP!)

Thanks to all you people out there who help me figure out how to use CVS and WG! You guys rock!! (Links to the side)


rob said...

very nice. looks like you got some good deals and made a little money to spend on things you would normally buy. that's the nice part. i'll have to check into this when the college class ends and i have a little more time.

Tres Alejandros said...

That's awesome!!

Anonymous said...


Psalm 118:24 Living For Today! said...

I am a CVS newbie and just marvel at those who can really work the system! Awesome job!

Sammy said...

Wow, there are some great finds in there, well done. Really looking forward to your "Mexican Dish Mondays"!

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