Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Workout Wednesday

Keep up your skills from yesterday's lesson by going to Colores to practice. Then point to various items that are around your child and ask them "De que color es..." If they are too young for this activity, then point to an item and tell them what color it is in Spanish (review pronunciation from yesterday if you need to).
If you are self-conscious about speaking in Spanish, don't worry about it! If you're saying something wrong and say it in front of a Spanish-speaker, they will probably just be excited that you're trying to learn their language. Your kids won't know until they start taking Spanish in school that they're pronouncing words wrong and that can be corrected easily. Keep trying! It is a slow process, but you'll find that it is worth it.
It is important to be introduced to a second language early. Studies show that the earlier a person tries to learn a language, the easier it will be for them to acquire it (that's why kids can pick up another language faster than adults). Can you imagine when you're driving down the road and your son says, "Verde" when he points to the grass outside?! How exciting!!

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