Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Gifts

I have 2 friends who gave birth recently and I was so excited to get some gifts in the mail to them. One had a boy and one had a girl.

First I whipped out my embroidery machine to make a few gifts for the new babies and one special big sister! The big sister gift is a cute little apron I found and thought it would be perfect for a little crafty girl.
I saw this super cute idea as a blanket and then as washcloths. I tried the washcloth idea, but the ones I bought were too fat on the sides, so I decided to try onesies. I think it ended up looking so cute! Wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon. This was the gift for the new sweet little boy that I'll hopefully get to meet soon! I made him a little tiny cuddly quilt that I hope he loves in the future (more on the quilt in another post)! I also included a burp cloth which I love made out of super soft flannel. These are also great for wiping noses when they get a little older!
Then for the little girl gift, I included a few girly necessities that I hope will come in handy and be loved as well! I hope to see a picture of her in her dress!

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