Monday, March 15, 2010

Current Projects...

I have been doing some searching on craigslist recently and just bought 4 bookcases for our house. Most of them are for books in different rooms, but I also got one so I can organize my fabric in my sewing room. I am super excited to get organized in there!

Here are some things I'm looking to do soon:
Craft Station
Ribbon Organizer
Bible Verse Memorization Technique
Color Quiet Book (I just bought the letters from her etsy shop)
Play Dough for One

I also have 13 friends who are pregnant and due between this month and October, so I want to make (most of them) something. Here are some of my thoughts...
Diaper Bassinet
Moby Wrap or a No-sew version
Baby Bib
Nursing Cover
Hospital Gown
Changing Pad and Wipes Holder
Hooded Bath Towel
Burp Cloth
Tag Blankie
Elephant Teething Square
Ladybug Taggie
Fat Quarter Quilt and Burp Cloths

Do you know of any other good ideas out there? I've got a lot to do! Should be FUN!


A Load Of Craft said...

If you make a Moby wrap just get a cotton/poly blend and you won't have to sew it at all - I posted a tutorial a while back if you want to check it out :)

Heather said...

Kama, hi:) I'm trying to find an email for you--You won the Easter bouquet! BUT, I need to send your name and address right away for you to get it by Easter--please email me at
PS: love your creations!

Staci @ Designing and Motherhood said...

Glad you like my blog. Come back soon. Staci at

KLee said...

Bookmarking this! We are having a baby boom at church as well. My friend and I are planning on making a basket of goodies for each mom. Thanks for the list!

Tara Williams said...

i am totally copying that ribbon organizer! thanks for the GREAT idea!

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