Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Recent Crafting

My sis-in-laws sister is having a baby girl! I haven't had anyone around me having a girl recently, so it was time to make some girlie crafts! While at my mom's house, we did this project which we found here: Bow Holder.

I also had been wanting to do a girlie quilt, so I was able to whip this one up. It didn't really take too long and measures about 26" x 36". I just quilted straight horizontal lines on it since I'm not too brave yet. It's my first quilt to make and give away. It had a really soft backing! Pinks, browns and greens are her colors. I got the idea from here: Stack of Sweets

The other thing I made which I failed to take a picture of is a Flower Headband similar to that one. So cute and so easy! She loved the gifts and I can't wait to meet the baby that will use them!

1 comment:

KLee said...

Love it all! Great job!

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