Monday, January 5, 2009

Quilting Class

I'm bored with Gratis Means FREE and will do a blog makeover.

I am really into quilting and sewing now. I read a ton of crafty blogs and would love to share some of my new hobbies on this blog. I am going to mail my mom my most recent project and will post a picture of it on here after she sees it.

For now, I'll put a picture of the quilt I'm making for D. I'm in a quilting class and we're doing a quilt. I should be done the first week in February and can't wait. Do you like the fabrics??


Karen said...

Hi Kama,
Thank you for entering my giveaway. Your blog is set to "no reply" so I don't have your email address and need it to confirm your name in my giveaway. Your quilt fabrics are fresh and lively. What a precious little boy! Best wishes, Karen

KLee said...

You are one funny girl! Can't wait to see the quilt when you finish it! It will be something Dietrich will always treasure!

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