Monday, June 2, 2008

Mexican Dish Monday

Usually I'm trying to keep my cooking time and cost to a minimum. I have a few favorite recipes that I cook pretty often that don't require much time and taste pretty good. I plan to include some of those here as well as some that are new that I haven't tried (but that I plan to try).
Here is an old stand-by in my family--it can be made for 2 or 20.

Crushed Chip Taco Salad
tortilla chips
lettuce and tomatoes
beans, jalapenos or anything else you want to add!
ground beef or turkey browned
Taco seasoning packet (follow directions on packet)
In my family, we crush the chips on a plate, add the seasoned meat and top with whatever we want. It is pretty cheap and can be made quickly for last minute guests. Enjoy!

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